Visions – Shake the Earth

In the past few months, we’ve presented you quite a few bands that use vocals in an interesting and non-genre typical way. Chief among those was Moontooth, with their blend of blues vocals and progressive metal. King Goat is another one we’d like to especially mention as well, overlaying unique, clean vocals over progressive doom. Now, we can add another band to this roster and lo and behold, they’re also relatively unknown and small. Here’s where we’d usually go on a tangent about how innovation breeds in the outside of any musical scene but we’s spare you; you already know the drill.

Visions are a progressive metalcore band in their instrumentation through and through: catch riffs inlaid with technical lead, interesting drum and bass roles and all the emotional impact you’d expect. However, their vocals are slightly different on the clean end, composed more for catchiness than sheer aggression, painting the album in a different shade. However, where the above bands integrated the idea beautifully into their own original, instrumental ideas, here those vocals are often a substitute for something completely exciting from the rest of the band. This makes Shake the Earth a good album but one with plenty of wasted potential, potential which bubbles beneath the surface and never really erupts properly.

Frost* – Falling Satellites

It’s been eight long years since England’s Frost* have graced the progressive rock and metal world with their lush, often traditional, yet still boundary breaking brand of neo-prog. And perhaps we are better off for their hiatus, giving us time to crave, strive, and struggle through endless days and nights…

Post Rock Post – Goodbye, Titan

We just published a taxonomy of post rock to which I wrote the intro. You might have discerned, if it hadn’t hit you like a wrecking ball, that I am somewhat frustrated with a lot of post rock today. Even in the context of these, a series of posts dedicated to the genre, I often start by bemoaning the state of the genre today. And it’s not without reason: a lot of post rock out there is tired and defeatist, satisfied with plowing the same fields which have been tilled by those before them. Therefore, we often call for innovation and experimentation within the genre, for whatever our opinions are worth to recording artists. In the taxonomy post, we opened with tackling the most fundamental sound of the genre, claiming that it still has merit and worth, that not all innovation must lie in the splicing of new sub-genres into the core of post rock.

30 – Crowns Of Symbolical Meaning feat. Chris of Schammasch

Surprise! This week we have an interview, with Chris of Schammasch, the Swiss avant-garde band we’ve been raving about for weeks. We get his perspective on art, avant-garde and meaning behind music. A great chat! Definitely listen to Triangle (here is a good place). Then we do our news round-up, new music from Hatebreed, Six Feet Under (why), Meshuggah, Setentia, Brujeria, The Levitation Hex and the DOOM OST. We talk about Agalloch’s disbanding, Rob Zombie’s being a Babymetal fan (and my short review of their live show), and we talk about Radiohead, Beyonce and Drake taking a stance against Spotify, and the big perspective of the streaming service wars. Then we talk about how album art reflects on the music, inspired by our conversation with Chris. We have an extensive cool people section this time, gushing over DOOM and talking about the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. Enjoy!