Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

People really hate Hatebreed. Fair enough. The hardcore outfit don’t leave much to the imagination and it’s been said that it’s only really necessary to own one of their records. Still though, they have a huge, incredibly dedicated fan base that spans the high and low lands of this planet. They are also two decades into a career that has kept them in the company of pretty much every big name in metal. That doesn’t happen without hard work. Even if the music itself is pretty one dimensional, it has heart. On their newest spin The Concrete Confessional, Jasta and co. plunder the high seas of hardcore with familiar riffs and exactly the same level of hostility as usual. It doesn’t suck either.

Binary Code’s Jesse Zuretti Opens Up About Moonsblood‘s Long History In New Video

We’ve written recently about NJ progressive death metal outfit Binary Code and their upcoming sophomore album Moonsblood, which will be their first release in 6 years. Anyone who’s followed the band closely in the past few years knows that the long gap between releases was anything but intentional, but up until recently they’ve been almost completely mute about the causes of the delay. Shortly after Binary Code guitarist and songwriter Jesse Zuretti began dropping hints online that their new album would officially be coming this year, I asked to sit down with him and talk through what exactly happened, what got them to this place, and what fans can expect now.

FULL EP STREAM: A Sense Of Purpose – Zoetic

Akron natives and Heavy Comp Is Heavy alums A Sense Of Purpose proudly tout themselves as “False Metal” on their Facebook page. This alone is just about all you need to know to determine if you’re going to appreciate A Sense of Purpose or not, which is a blessing more than a curse; the band are lighthearted and self-aware of their place among the metal spectrum, aligning themselves among the contemporary metalcore scene where Periphery, August Burns Red, and Erra reign supreme.

Hey! Listen to Wolvserpent!

The idea of an album/EP being one entire song isn’t an entirely new idea in metal (considering it’s been twenty years since Edge of Sanity’s Crimson among other releases), but it’s an idea that’s starting to resurface in a plethora of new and intriguing ways. This year alone we have…