Mantar – Ode to the Flame

Most music fans have a section of their digital and/or physical library dedicated to boisterous background music; albums that digest quickly and provide instantaneous satisfaction. The inverse of spinning Tangerine Dream after popping melatonin, these albums provide the sonic stimulus of the body without necessitating the involvement of the mind. German sludge duo…

The Jazz Club Vol. 4 – A Starter Kit for Jazz

Welcome to Jazz Club, our sort-of-but-not-really regular column that expounds one of the greatest – and perhaps most alienating – genres ever. Today we’re going to go back to square one, and talk about some key albums to spin if you’re interested in possibly listening to jazz. Obviously, these are our opinions; if you don’t agree, feel free to send us hate in the comments.

Heavy Rewind – My Arms, Your Hearse

Picture this: Opeth are a relatively small band, prior to the release of their most commercially successful albums. However, within the niche community of death metal, their name is already a household reality. Their first two albums, Orchid and Morningrise, revolutionized the field and gave birth to a whole new genre. What now? Where to…

Hey! Listen To Yuri Gagarin!

Invoking as one’s band name one of the vaunted Soviet cosmonauts, and the first man to venture into space, the nomenclature Yuri Gagarin conjures up an immediate image of what their music is going to contain, a picture that this band certainly satisfies. Ethereal, thick, and weighty, these Swedes play a jam-oriented…

27 – That Swedish Band With The Dude Named Mikael

Guess which one we’re talking about! This week we talk about a bunch of new music as usual. Also Tidal news! Kanye and Tidal are getting sued for misleading marketing. More importantly, we have new music or teasers from Gojira, Mephistopheles, The Fall of Troy, Black Crown Initiate, Vektor, Winds of Plague, Gates, Gone is Gone, If These Trees Could Talk, The Schoenberg Automaton 65daysofstatic and Eths. Also, Emmure is Glass Cloud now. Yeah. Then we do our balls deep on Opeth. Oops! I spoiled it! Oh well.