Erra – Drift

For a band that’s been plagued by a number of member changes over the past two years, Erra have still been making quite an impressive headway into metalcore’s masses. They’ve gotten to tour with bands that have unquestionably influenced their sound, picked up plenty of fans of their own, and have landed themselves on one of the most buzz-worthy metal labels out there at the moment. Now with their first Sumerian Records LP and new frontman JT Cavey (Texas in July), the band has returned with Drift, which is unquestionably their most accessible batch of songs to date. While on the surface this is not a complete shift in style for the band, Drift feels like it’s lost some touch with what made people take notice of the band in the first place.

The Accuser: Abigail Williams’ Ken Sorceron Speaks On New Project

Ken Sorceron has never been content with just sitting still. The Phoenix to Olympia transplant is the only remaining founding member of black metal act Abigail Williams, and is prolific in not just the USBM scene, but a prominent figure in underground and extreme music at large in recent years thanks to frequent collaboration with Finnish record label Blood Music as their go-to mastering engineer — with credits on releases from Emperor, Cloudkicker, and Perturbator alike — as well as serving time in acts such as Aborted and Lord Mantis.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream A New Song By First Fragment!

Tech death is fantastic. Ever since Necrophagist blew up the scene with Epitaph, bands are constantly pushing themselves to record super technical, extremely precise music to try and compete with it. While Necrophagist are likely dead and will never release another album (sorry everyone, but it’s been 12 years), we get some…

Hey! Listen to Ethan McKenna!

There’s music, and then there’s inspired music. What qualifies something as the latter is hard to pin down exactly and even harder to describe, but somehow inspired music gives itself away in that regard immediately upon first listen. It’s kind of strange to think about how different combinations of the same notes can get a listener feeling that way or not — but some artists just have a knack for putting together music that ultimately sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Starter Kit: Thrashcore/Crossover Thrash

My last Starter Kit (on Contemporary Thrash) brought in more recent bands and albums that cranked their amps past 11 and shredded faces with their speed. However, any genre is (to quote Shrek), like an onion; there are layers and layers of difference all balled up in one, and thrash metal is no different. While most people are at least aware of the genre’s staples (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, etc.), they might not know of the lesser known bands that speed even past the big names.