The Zenith Passage – Solipsist

After exploding onto the scene with their debut EP, Cosmic Dissonance, in 2013, The Zenith Passage is finally ready to put forth into the world Solipsist, which continues along their established trajectory: a combination of the more melodic, spacey sound of fellow Californian progressive death metal act The Faceless and hard-hitting, chunky, riffy grooves that are highly reminiscent of brutal techdeath bands like Deeds Of Flesh or Cryptopsy, their sound is a fluid hybrid of the grim spaciness of the former with the technically demanding, spiraling compositions of the latter.

Starter Kit: Contemporary Thrash Metal

We all know the thrash greats, like the Big Four, but even beyond that, most metal fans could probably tell you a couple of really important thrash metal bands/albums, including (probably) Testament, Exodus, Kreator and others. Thrash is a staple genre in heavy metal, and is hugely responsible for the formation of death…

Sailing the Seas of Sound: A Brief Overview Of Music Exploration Tools

To try to describe the sheer amount of music available to people today would be bordering on redundancy. It’s just way too much in terms of content—too much for any one person to ever digest in their lifetime. And that’s a bit of a double-edged sword, as there is a lot of really great music out there, just begging you to listen to it. Streaming tools like Spotify and Soundcloud make this music incredibly available. But, as powerful and laden with tunes as those programs are, there isn’t much in the way of actually exploring it.

PREMIERE: Stream Caricature’s 27-minute Prog Metal Cat Worship, “Stampede”

A Venn Diagram of prog metal nerds and cat lovers is sure to be a near total eclipse. Joseph Spiller of prog metal act Caricature (which features former members of bands such as The Binary Code, System Divide, and Last Chance To Reason) has taken it upon himself to become a prominent figure of this subset of enthusiasts by writing a powerful and epic ode to his beloved feline companion Parmesan.