Deftones – Gore

As time elapses, it becomes more evident that change is necessary. With all walks of life, this brings in new inspirations, new promises, new hopes and dreams. Change is what helps shape the world to fit the current state, whether it is for better or worse. In the music world,…

Aborted – Retrogore

Termination Redux was but a tease of the straight shooting deathgrind that Aborted dole out on Retrogore. Leave it to this band to release yet another stellar full length release so shortly after a smaller, equally great release. In the current climate, most can’t manage that. The usual minor derision from certain sectors aside, each of their last few releases has got fans off. They’ve made new fans thirsty too. This, while at it’s core being not much of a departure from the last few spins? Well, yeah. It’s fucking Aborted.

What’s In A Label? Middle-Man Records

When many people hear screamo nowadays, their minds tend to jump almost immediately to the Warped Tour sensation bands such as Black Veil Brides. It is a term often abused by metal fans to describe simply anything technically in the realm of “heavy” music that they deem unsuitable to be called metal or hardcore; a derogatory term that is an easy way to say “I don’t like it.” However, this broad, negative view of screamo could not possibly be more wrong, as it is a subgenre within extreme music that many could easily respect. It is the most abrasive, raw, emotional punk out there, yet still melodic at many points, drawing from the post-hardcore/emo sound pioneered just a few years earlier by such acts as Indian Summer, Heroin and Rites of Spring. Sadly, however, after a quick surge in popularity around the time of its inception, screamo took a slight fall from grace within the extreme music community, making it more and more difficult to find new bands that were still popping up in abundance.

Hey, Listen to Wet Teeth!

Columbus-cum-New York sludge multi-instrumentalist Dan Wilburn has a fairly stacked resume despite being a dude whose name doesn’t immediately ring many bells (yet): following a stint playing with post-metal acolytes Mouth of the Architect, he’s been a gun-for-hire running sound for some of our favorite bands, including Cynic and Intronaut. If you’re reading this site at all and make it out to shows, then there’s a solid shot you’ve been in the same room as Mr. Wilburn and not even realize it.