Slice the Cake – Odyssey to the West

Odyssey to the West is an endeavor. From beginning to end—from the very beginning—Odyssey to the West has been, as its name and spiritual origin imply, an arduous journey. The product of years of work, exasperation, conflict, and very little resolution, Odyssey to the West exists to us now as…

Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows

It wouldn’t take much verbal real estate to convey the importance of the black metal genre as it extends beyond its own confines. The scene has influenced the perception, aesthetic qualities, production, and atmospheric intensity of just about everything under the metal umbrella. We’ve even gone full-circle; with evolutionary roots tracing back to hardcore punk, black metal’s cold, distant, and chaotic sound has infiltrated modern hardcore music for some particularly interesting results. Deathspell Omega has been a major source of this inspiration referenced in across the blackened hardcore movement, particularly after the band adopted shorter song lengths and a sound reminiscent of mathcore on their latest release Drought in 2012.

PHOTOS: Intervals, Plini, Angel Vivaldi, Save Us From The Archon, Outrun The Sunlight—March 29th, 2016 @ Reggie’s, Chicago, IL

Can you ever really have too many instrumental prog bands on a single tour? The Shape of Colour Tour truly aimed to find out, as we were bombarded with riff after proggy riff with the now fully-instrumental Intervals, the pleasant and airy stylings of Plini, shred maestro Angel Vivaldi, and…

Is Music Theory Necessary? — Awareness and Music Appreciation

A former professor of mine once met with me in his office years ago while I was studying for my English BA, and I told him how I was constantly frustrated how many of the students didn’t seem to care. It just sucks to be in a class where you can smell the laxness wafting off your peers, where the most intelligent thing—usually the only thing, for that matter—spoken is just a rewording of or agreement with what a previous person said. College is a time for your mind to exponentially grow, and I felt like I was getting none of it. As I said this, the professor said (and I paraphrase): “It doesn’t matter what you think, as long as you just think.”

Hey! Listen To Aionios!

Roughly two weeks ago, I saw Intronaut live for the fourth time. As always, their show did not disappoint. However, Scale The Summit did not play my date, so instead I found out there would be some local bands on the bill as the openers before North and Intronaut went on. One of…