Nucleus – Sentient

Chicago-based debutants Nucleus mark their arrival on the death metal scene with Sentient; a thirty seven minute album that would make it quite difficult for many listeners to give them any kind of rotation spot. You see, an album like Sentient offers little to make it distinguishable despite bearing all the markings of a good death metal album. On one hand, the concise play time makes for an easy listen yet on the other hand, this listen isn’t actually made easy due to the album’s lack of character. Of course this lack of character is understandable considering that Sentient is the band’s first foray into the world of death metal but that is neither here nor there, especially considering how well some other bands have fared on their debuts.

Rewind – On Leprous, Dancing And The Joy Of The Crowd

It’s a relatively chill night and for that, I am grateful. It’s certainly set to be much hotter inside, as Leprous take their stage with their famously electric live act. I’ve arrived early, as I usually do, but after a few minutes of waiting, I step into this typically Israeli room. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from backstage; the venue is also a theater, most of the time. And so, old sofas are strewn about, refreshments are placed on a folding table and the whole thing gives off this strong vibe of an half-improvised backdrop to the interview. Except that, on the sofa in front of me, sit Einar Solberg (vocals) and Tor Oddmund Suhrke (backing vocals and guitar), in the by-now-trademark, sleek black clothes which Leprous usually don when on-stage.

Into the Wilderness: How Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky Continue To Explore New Paths In Post-Rock

Though technically forming several years apart and having very little in common in their overall sound, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky are the two names that are more universally synonymous with the advent and subsequent popularization of post-rock than pretty much any other bands. And while countless other bands from that period have faded and even more bands inspired by them have come and gone in the meantime, Mogwai and EITS have survived and held strong, even as their roles as post-rock standard-bearers and pioneers have been ceded to newer groups. The past decade hasn’t featured either band’s strongest work for sure, but there’s been an enduring quality to it as both groups have attempted in various ways to tinker with and distance themselves from the sounds that made them popular in the first place. It’s only fitting then that the two bands released wildly different albums on the same day – Atomic from Mogwai and The Wilderness from EITS – and that both albums would feature some of the best and freshest work of either band in at least a decade.

24 – In The Nick Of Time

The title is a pun you see, as this week instead of Eden we have another editor, none other than Nick Cusworth! We go on many tangents this week, but we also talk about relevant new music stuff! New music from Schammasch, Vektor, Amon Amarth and The Fall of Troy! Also some streaming service shenanigans from Tidal, Soundcloud and (they did a Decapitated live show), and then we talk about our big editorial about growing your brand as a band, and tie it all together with a discussion about metal in mainstream culture.