Let Yourself Be Huge – Why Success In Modern Metal Is All About Inclusivity

No band is an island. At the end of the day, music as we know it today wouldn’t exist without the unique marriage between the people making the music and their fans. The relationship is often a complicated one: pre-supposing a simple, two way street in which the artist gives the fans music and they, in turn, give them adoration, money and fame is naive. It’s also highly irrelevant to metal. Beyond the few, rare names (a lot of which belong to an older and, sadly, dying generation), metal hasn’t been about the megastar for decades now. The field is too saturated, too filled with great acts. Continuing to play the game and hoping to “get big” is a fool’s cause; you most likely won’t fill stadiums, won’t sell platinum records and won’t win that perfect record deal (which, by the way, doesn’t exist).

Heavy Rewind – Brave New World

Some bands are overshadowed by the conceptions that people have garnered about them before the first note even plays. Admittedly, this is a good problem to have; it means that your success is such that your name precedes you and that you have created such fame for yourself that your very name evokes your style. However, this can also lead to ears shut fast, shying away from the conceptions that they have of what your music is and will be. Even fans can turn sour, as it becomes harder and harder to convince them to try something new. Iron Maiden suffers from this “problem” in the first degree: they are one of the most iconic and famous bands out there. Their music has an instantly recognizable style, one which has influenced countless bands and has left its mark on the metal scene forever.

EXCLUSIVE: Come Inhale Boss Keloid’s “Lung Mountain”!

A few days ago, we reviewed Boss Keloid’s Herb Your Enthusiasm, a massive, smoke-drenched, stoner/sludge creation that isn’t afraid of its own unique sound. We clued you in that the opening track, “Lung Mountain”, is one of the most successful examples of this audacity, featuring all the intoxicating elements which make this album great. Now, the band are kindly streaming this great track via SoundCloud and, just to sweeten the pot (heh, get it?) have thrown in a free download for our readers. That’s right, it’s exclusive download time! Head on down below to snag your track, click that little black arrow on the upper right hand side and spread the Boss!

Hey! Listen to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard!

hat MWWB brings to the field is nothing new in terms of genre; they play a heavy doom style with what seems like light psychedelic elements interspersed throughout. (Really, on paper (or a website screen) it’s not much different from, say, YOB or Electric Wizard.) However, one is hard pressed to find a band that plays heavier doom than these guys, and it doesn’t hurt that the album’s songwriting is incredibly intelligent for its genre.