Boss Keloid – Herb Your Enthusiasm

There are some words and comparisons which almost force you to write themselves down. Certain bands and musical styles all bow towards a central source, like so many sunflowers swaying in a warm, noon sun. Such is the case with Boss Keloid. Try and find a review about this band that doesn’t reference a certain well known band that’s been in operating for more than twenty years now, its name derived from the fortunate juxtaposition between an auto-mechanical part and a collection of hens. However, this simple and straightforward comparison often robs the band of their hard work and the truly unique sound that they’ve managed to produce with this, their second release. Sure, the bass is thick and flirts with the vague filigrees of rock n’ roll, whatever these are these days. But along the vocal lines and intricate guitar parts lives a completely different beast, one more fueled by bands like HARK, Sleep, and Witchcraft then those legendary, bearded gentlemen of big news fame.

Half-Life – Guns N’ Roses

Metal in the 80s was polarizing at best. Sure, there were acts that really redefined metal for today: Possessed, Death, Iron Maiden and Metallica released some of the most iconic metal music ever during this decade. But then there weas the almost-nauseating influx of glam/hair metal, with bands like Def Leppard adopting…

Hey! Listen to Wolf Eyes!

The sort-of-recent trend in metal has been trying to disgust and terrify listeners with sonic bombardment. Full of Hell and The Body already made that noticeable enough with their collaboration One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (nicely reviewed by our own Simon Handmaker), and Author & Punisher did something close to this (albeit with a heavy industrial influence) with last year’s Melk En Honing. Today, however, I’d like to bring to the table a band that is arguably a forerunner of the “grosscore” sound that we love today: Wolf Eyes.

Binary Code Break Their Silence With New Single “Immersion”

It’s been a long, hard road for New Jersey progressive death metal group Binary Code. They released their first LP, Suspension of Disbelief, back in 2009 to warm reception and built on that momentum almost immediately with their 2010 Priest EP. Every indication seemed to be that they would follow that up with a sophomore LP a few years later. For a variety of reasons though things did not work out according to plan. I actually sat down with Binary Code guitarist and founder Jesse Zuretti recently to talk extensively about the obstacles and challenges the band have faced during that time, which will be coming out in the form of a neat little interview video sometime soon. In the meantime though, the band have gone ahead and finally announced their long-awaited second album, Moonsblood, and with it first single “Immersion.”

Unmetal Monday – 3/28/16

Like the grand majority of modern metal fans, our tastes here at Heavy Blog are incredibly vast, with our 3X3s in each Playlist Update typically covering numerous genres and sometimes a different style in each square. While we have occasionally covered non-metal topics in past blog posts, we decided that a dedicated column was warranted in order to more completely recommend all of the music that we have been listening to. Unmetal Monday is a weekly column which covers noteworthy news, tracks and albums from outside the metal universe, and we encourage you all to share your favorite non-metal picks from the week in the comments. Head past the jump to dial down the distortion:

23 – This Title Took Me Some Time To Come Up With

In contrast to last week, we have so much news that it takes up a big chunk of our time! What kind of news? News like Perturbator’s perturbing image of nipples getting perturbed, the guitarist of Every Time I Die losing his first match in his wrestling career, Enslaved celebrating their 25th year, Axl Rose joining AC/DC, the singer of Puddle of Mudd having a breakdown onstage, and rumors about The Human Abstract, Mortician having their logo appropriated by a fashion label, then we discuss new music or videos from Caligula’s Horse, Babymetal, Wormed, Circle of Contempt, Black Mountain and Thrice. We also talk about this super cool genre map that we discovered. Then we go into our weekly discussions, this time about fallacies that prevent people from growing up and remaining content with their musical taste and… that’s it? We did spend a lot of time on these topics! But come back next week for more!