Cyclamen – Creatuneau

Cyclamen has always been a project that defies conventional wisdom about how bands should work. It’s all attributable to the genius of Hayato Imanishi, who is essentially Cyclamen all by himself. The Japanese prog/tech metal visionary has built up a grassroots following for his work, and he continues to innovate how musicians can connect with and deliver content to their fans. Before Protest the Hero’s subscription exclusive songs, in early 2015, he had an idea. An exclusive fan package, with merch, artwork and more being delivered to a few fans who signed up for the package at the time. Around 30 people signed up to it, and the third Cyclamen album, Creatuneau was made exclusively for them. Creatuneau is made up of tracks with nonsensical titles, and was made in a short window of time by Hayato alone. This is perhaps the purest view one can get into the mind of a creator, and it’s quite a unique experience.

8-Track: Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian is a band so synonymous with the term “power metal” that they basically defined the genre for countless bands that exist to this day. With a career spanning more than thirty years, the band began as a thrash metal in 1984 known as Lucifer’s Heritage, but began their…