Caliban – Gravity

On the day of the full release of their tenth album, Caliban can survey their immediate surroundings and feel great pride in what they’ve accomplished. The genre which they were born into, kicking and screaming, is not a very forgiving one. Just ask any of the bands that started at…

R.J. Ober of Magrudergrind: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

Unless you’ve been living completely under a rock (or just don’t listen to grindcore, who knows), you’ve most likely heard of Magrudergrind some time in the past 15 years. And all with good reason, of course. The band mixes a rapid fire grindcore style with a healthy dose of powerviolence, adding some truly sludgy, groovy breakdowns in between their blast beats for a fully vicious, infectious musical attack. The band further expands on this formula on their new record II, which shows a slightly more mature, rounded out Magrudergrind then ever before. We spoke with guitarist R.J. Ober about the making of II, their signing to Relapse Records, and the grindcore/powerviolence scene at large.

Heavy Rewind: Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist

This Halloween marks the tenth anniversary of the Deftones’s fifth album, Saturday Night Wrist, if you can believe it. The past decade has been a mixed bag for the band; bassist Chi Cheng passed away from medical complications a few years after a debilitating car accident that left him in a coma; the band’s 2010 release Diamond Eyes proved to be a major success for the band, possibly garnering more acclaim than their 2001 smash hit White Pony; and singer Chino Moreno contributed to a number of side projects, including Team Sleep, Palms, and Crosses. I think during all that tumult we lost sight of what an incredible album Saturday Night Wrist is.