Piss Vortex – Future Cancer

Recorded live over two days, the newest offering from Danish progressive grinders Piss Vortex has a run time of eleven minutes. Just. Eleven. Minutes. Future Cancer covers more ground on the extreme front during this time than most will in a lengthy career. Taking off exactly where they left with their debut record, there is nothing left standing when Piss Vortex put down their tools. Sonic assault is rarely this fun but these Danes can throw their hat in with the best in the business. In this case, business involves dissonance, ferocity and decibel worship. Business is good.

Post Rock Post – Atsuko Chiba’s Figure and Ground

We’ve spoken about Atsuko Chiba in the past. First, we told you to listen to them. Then, we premiered a track off of their EP “Figure and Ground”. Now, that EP is finally out and I’m here to urge you, once again, to check these guys out. Why? The reasons are many but one seems to shine brighter or perhaps first, whenever I put my hands to the keyboard in order to write about them. The simple fact is that Atusko Chiba are broadening the array of possibilities for post rock. While I won’t be as arrogant as to claim that they are singular, for that would imply a complete knowledge of the scene, I will say that they’re one of the most unique, moving and pleasing bands currently in operation. Their formula is simple and yet, elusive: first they take elements common in post rock, like an emphasis on open, “bright”, riffs. Second, they splice these with a dominant groove section, giving the bass a prominent position. Lastly, they infuse these basic building blocks with influences from Pink Floyd, hardcore, punk, and more.

Hey! Listen to Merlin!

Usually I would start a Hey! Listen to This! article with some sort of broader subject matter, trying to compare band x to band y, and so on. And while, yes, Merlin, and their third album Electric Children do have slight similarities to other bands (Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats comes to mind, just barely), they are so singular in their overall sound that it’s almost unfair to use comparisons. It’s not that Merlin has done something completely unique, though; rather, they have combined such an interesting variety of influences, sounds and instrumentation, and blended them in such a way that it turns out to be something very different than what you’re used to.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream The New Album From Gillian Carter!

I never liked the term “screamo” for some reason. Perhaps it was because everyone always asked if I “listen to screamo” when I say I listen to metal. In my eyes, the two could not be farther apart, but I digress. While I might not agree, screamo is a genre that has become rather popular these days, and it has many bands in it that I actually enjoy. Up until recently, I had never heard of Gillian Carter, or even knew that they are heavily involved in the Florida screamo scene (which I feel ashamed for not being aware of considering I live in Florida). However, I was turned onto them when I got sent their new album, Dreams Of Suffocation, and it absolutely rips. If you don’t believe me, head below to check it out!

22 – Hallowed Be Thy Cast

Not a lot of happenings this week, so we talk mostly about new music! Specifically, from Schammash, Fallujah, Amon Amarth and Ihsahn! There were a few happenings as well, like Evan Brewer of Entheos on why he left The Faceless, an interview with the Iranian metal band Confess, who were on trial for blashpemy, Riverside’s upcoming triple album, Kickstarter’s acquisition of subscription service Drip, and the important news item we embarrassingly forgot last week, the passing of Keith Emerson. Then we talk about festival culture, using music as a tool to focus, and our weekly balls deep segment on Iron Maiden!