Rorcal – Creon

Switzerland’s Rorcal are a band shrouded in mystery. No, there are no masks or costumes concealing identity. No alter egos or stage names. Rather, Rorcal’s mystery lies in their simplicity of aesthetic delivery and reserved nature within the confines of the extreme music scene.

PHOTOS: I Fight Dragons, Randombeats!, Psychostick, Danimal Cannon, Journey Live—February 20th, 2016 @ MAGFest XIV, National Harbor, MD

Welcome back to the third and final day of MAGFest 2016 photos! We had the extreme privilege of experiencing the first ever performance of Austin Wintory’s Journey Live. Not to be confused with the 1970s rockers who brought us “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Journey Live is, as the name implies, a…

Fake It Until You Make It? Musical Authenticity and the Metal Musician

When in the studio, musicians always use some “tricks” to get a sound that isn’t necessarily as achievable in a live setting. This is a pretty commonly known fact. It’s not even a new thing. Since the 60s, bands have made music in the studio that doesn’t reflect the process of how they actually play in person. As technology develops, more methods become available to the artists to achieve a more “perfect” sound, if they choose to use them. In the 50s and before, bands recorded performances together, in a single run through. Then they started recording each instrument separately, then split up songs into parts, then replaced some instruments with digital substitutes, used corrective techniques (both for pitch and timing) and recently, started performing at a slower tempo then speeding it up. These are the realities of recording. Whether they’re acceptable or not is a hotly debated topic, and a recent even in the metal spheres brought the question to the forefront yet again. The 2016 Guitar Solo Contest, where guitarists were asked to perform over a track by John Browne of Monuments and submit a video of their recording, recently announced their winners. The prizes ranged from a Mayones guitar, Mesa amps, Bare Knuckle Pickups and more. Here’s where it gets complicated. One of the winners was a performance that was clearly heavily edited.

Starter Kit – Noise Rock

If there was ever a type of music to earn an award for being  unconventional and far reaching, noise rock would take it home time and time again, spreading its roots everywhere from the base genre itself to everything from powerviolence to indie music. Noise rock is truly a genre…

Hey! Listen to Der Weg einer Freiheit!

I hear that a lot of our readers love post-rock, and given that our blog name features the word heavy not once, but twice, there’s a good chance you may enjoy a bit of black metal too. So if you like both of these amazing things, what could possibly go wrong when you put them together? In the case of Germany’s Der Weg einer Freiheit (The Way of Freedom), absolutely nothing, so go ahead and check out what one might call a stellar 2015 release after the jump.