Atlantis Chronicles – Barton’s Odyssey

Atlantis Chronicles’ second LP reads at times like a play-by-play of the prog deathcore happenings of the last half-decade, but far from being stale, it injects new life into these tropes and makes for a breath of fresh air in the low-and-slow miasma that most of deathcore sticks to nowadays. Occasionally hindered by how safely these gentlemen stick to their pool of influences, Barton’s Odyssey is nevertheless an energetic, fluid, and refreshing record that reminds fans of progressive deathcore why they love this genre in the first place.

PHOTOS: Ninja Sex Party & Tupper Ware Remix Party, Inti Creates, The OneUps, Sammus—February 19th, 2016 @ MAGFest XIV, National Harbor, MD

Onward to day two of MAGFest 2016 photos!

On this day we have shots of nerd rap queen Sammus, with her powerful message of personal growth and inner strength shining through her words. She was also joined by friends in Metroid Metal for her last song! we also have the return of the incredibly jazzy The OneUps, who were short one Kunal due to a family tragedy. We were also lucky to be the first audience to experience the soundtrack to the upcoming Mega Man-esque side-scroller Mighty No. 9 in full, thanks to the team at Inti Creates. Famed developer Keiji Inafune, hailed as the father of Mega Man himself, even took to the stage to say a few words. To wrap up the day, however, we were blessed by the combined powers of Ninja Sex Party and Tupper Ware Remix Party. Double the party, double the fun!

Chaney Crabb of Entheos: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

Has death metal started to feel a bit too homogeneous for you lately? Do you think that a lot of djent bands djumped the shark a few years ago? Or maybe you want to check out a prog band that keeps songs at a reasonable length? Let California’s Entheos be your golden ticket out of this musical rut you’ve found yourself in. Trust us here at Heavy Blog when we say that The Infinite Nothing is an absolute gut-punch; a motherfucking flurry of warped guitar riffs, crushing production and some of the most amazing bass performances you’re likely to hear in the style for the next couple of years. I had the privilege to speak with the band’s vocalist, Chaney Crabb, last week about how the band has improved since their debut EP, confronting anxiety through writing, tour homies and a whole lot more!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch This New AHTME Playthrough!

I have to be honest; before being asked to host this video, I had never heard of AHTME, formerly The Roman Holiday. Honestly the first time I have actually listened to this band is through the video that we are premiering for you guys today. From what I understood, they were a pretty damn heavy death metal band, and after a bunch of viewings of this video, I can tell you that they indeed are very heavy. Check it out below in their new playthrough for Defeat Zeke”!

Unmetal Monday: Xiu Xiu Scales Twin Peaks on Pseudo-Covers Album

Collectively, we didn’t feel as though we had enough noteworthy “unmetal” content to fit into our typical biweekly column. I’m not one to step off the soapbox so easily, though, especially considering how many times I’ve spun the latest single from Cali experimentalists Xiu Xiu. For those of you who don’t follow my personal best-of-lists religiously, I listed Xiu Xiu’s latest album Angle Guts: Red Classroom as one of my top albums of 2014, and for good reason; everything about the project took what I love about art rock and experimental music and elevated the genres’ eccentricities to the point of sheer discomfort. It’s because of this that the band’s decision to interpret Angelo Badalamenti’s music from cult classic show Twin Peaks for Record Store Day doesn’t surprise me in the least. To the contrary, it stoked my excitement quite a bit, especially after the band posted a reworking of the band’s iconic main theme under the name “Falling.” Head past the jump to share in my chilling excitement:

21 – Hollow Years And Lyrical Pioneers

Episode 21! This week there’s a bunch of new music and bizarre happenings to talk about. New music from Leander, Cyclamen, Shokran (kind of), Otep and Eximperitus (Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum). Happenings include Rotting Christ’s temporary name change to be able to play in South Africa without offending religious sensibilities (Behemoth got off easy!), Iron Maiden’s ridiculous vehicular issues and some confusing “new” releases (Ghost Brigade and Vulture Industries) by Season of Mist. We also talk about an After the Burial interview, the upcoming Ihsahn album Arktis and the Skuggsja album that finally released. Then we go pretty deep on lyrical themes in metal!