Stemage – Narrowband

Grant Henry, better known as Stemage, has a long and storied history in the music community, especially if you’re acquainted with the video game music scene. Best known for the killer heavy metal renditions of the Metroid franchise’s music as Metroid Metal, Henry has been publicly producing tunes for our ears since the late 90s.

Continuing the trend in our year of 2016, he brings us Narrowband, a 30-minute, color-themed musical journey that’s simultaneously rock and space, lying somewhere between short album and lengthy EP. A mouthful, but a pleasant one, to be sure.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Become “The Bait” For Hot Coffin!

Good old rock and roll is a lost art form. it seems that it came and went extremely fast, and with the ever expanding world of subgenres and niche music scenes, it never really feels like we’ll see a rock and roll revival. The same goes for punk music, especially because there are so many different variations of the classic genre that it would make it impossible to recreate its original 70s and 80s sound without sounding like a cheap rip off. However, Hot Coffin are taking classic sounds from both of these genres and fusing them together to create one awesome album of punk influence rock and roll. You can hear what I mean by checking out “The Bait”, the latest single, below!

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