Bushwhacker – The False Dilemma

Sampled voices in music are hard to integrate properly, especially when they’re the first thing anybody is going to hear of your album; it can be tough for a band to properly find something that conveys the feeling they want to give across in their music, and sometimes the sample can contradict the truth of the album. Case in point: “it was a lazy, fucking, shit-ass job!” says the sampled voice at the beginning of Bushwhacker’s newest outing, Dilemma. Thankfully for us, it wasn’t, and this is album is a nice romp through progressive death metal that builds off of a melodic death metal framework to create punchy, visceral music that can shrug off some writing faults by virtue of its energy and engaging production.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Find Out What “Granfalloons II” Means By Way Of Yardsss!

Experimental music is sort of my go-to when people ask about all the weird music I listen to. I think it’s always interesting that I show bands like Swans and White Suns to people and they wonder how I could get enjoyment out of them, when in reality their sheer excess is what really makes them so enjoyable. The same goes for Yardsss, a band that sounds like a weird mix of Swans, post-rock, and orchestral music. Their upcoming album Granfalloons is going to be super awesome, and if you don’t believe me, you can hear for yourself by streaming “Granfalloons II” below, and give yourself a taste.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s Editors’ Picks for February 2016

Welcome to our monthly post, Editors’ Picks! In the recent two years, our editorial body has grown quite a bit: from basically two guys running everything, we now have around seven people managing the blog in an editorial capacity, including two (count ’em, two!) Editors in Chief. We thought we’d harness that unique body of editors and use their over-reaching perspective to shed light on specific releases each month. These might be releases we’ve already covered, stuff we haven’t even mentioned once or somewhere in between; the idea is to accentuate great metal each month, helping you to sift out the truly great from the immense body of work that is released each month.

The way it works is simple: each editor gets to pick one album released in January. We write short pieces about them and link you to the album, allowing you to check it out yourselves. There’s no genre restrictions: expect to see some gnarly stuff on here as most of our editors have a very wide range of musical appreciation. Without further ado, let’s dig in into this month’s offering!

Hey! Listen to Cranial!

Post metal/atmospheric metal has an annoyingly ubiquitous sort of feel these days, doesn’t it? It seems as though every Friday we see yet another release of a band following in the footsteps of a Isis or Deafhaven, and more and more these releases continue to disappoint me, either through ad nauseam repeitition with little progression, or just uninspired songwriting. But I am here to say that although these releases won’t stop for a few more, there do exist some really good, post metal bands, although they’re very underground. In this case, I refer to Cranial and their debut EP Dead Ends, released by Germany’s Moment of Collapse Records.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Please Drown Have “Vultures To Feed” With Your Ears

The best thing about this particular platform is that it gives humble miscreants like myself the opportunity to share music I dig with a wider audience. Pretty obvious statement, I know, but when I get the chance to debut an absolutely crushing track from a band that are just beginning to create their brand, I jump on it. Without further adieu or any of the other airy fairy pish, I give you “Vultures To Feed”, the first track off the debut EP by Canada’s new decibel dealers Please Drown. Don’t use any ear protection and leave the kids unattended by the pool because this is reckless and ready to roar out of your speakers at a disgusting volume.