Inverloch – Distance | Collapsed

Inverloch is a name that should conjure up an intense anticipation at this point: the band involves two of the members of diSEMBOWELMENT, the band that is, essentially, the progenitor of the death-doom style. The single diSEMBOWELMENT album, Transcendence Into The Peripheral, is not only the first death-doom album, but…

Atsuko Chiba Bring Us Good ‘Tidings’ With New Track

Atsuko Chiba. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve been doing things wrong; it’s been a few months since we told you to listen to them and, if you haven’t already, you really ought to. No, no. Right now. OK, welcome back! If the taste of the latest release is still on your tongue and you yearn for more of that magical blend between post rock, funk, pop-punk and all sorts of goodness, rejoice! The band released a new track last night and announced a new EP, to be released next month! Let’s get to the track first.

Gorguts Keep The Hype Train Chugging At Full Speed With “Wandering Times”

It may go without saying, but when Gorguts announced last year that their upcoming musical exploration would be a single composition spanning over several tracks, plenty of us here at the blog were chomping at the bit. Now the wait is finally over, or at least for a piece of the now-titled Pleiades’ Dust, and it’s safe to say that the wait has definitely been worth it. Though as of right now it’s unclear as to what section of the composition “Wandering Times” will fall in, it works amazingly well as a standalone track and shows once again why this band is so revered amongst those in the death metal world.

Half Life – Deftones

Welcome to yet another installment of Half Life, where we at Heavy Blog dissect a current band’s (i.e. a band that is still making music) discography. For previous articles in this column, please click here. Deftones are somewhat of an oddity in the rock/metal community. Their sound has an undefinable…