PHOTOS: Maybeshewill, DRIFTOFF—February 20th, 2016 @ The Bowery Ballroom, Manhattan, NY

February 20th, 2016, New York City’s own Bowery Ballroom was the host of a special and bittersweet event. As stated before, we are very eager to see where this band goes in the future, as they have only been around for less than a year. Finally, Maybeshewill performed their long awaited, 10+ years in the making, first, and unfortunately final US performance. Anyone with a brain can tell you that post-rock is one of the most emotionally packed genres of music, and Maybeshewill prove that. Not only because their music is, well, emotional, but it was sad to see that this was their first and last US show ever. People came from all over (some as far as Chile!) for this show, and that in itself shows how much of a loyal fanbase they have. Here’s to hoping that videos from the show pop up somewhere in the depths of the internet, because it seriously was a special show. We’re gonna miss Maybeshewill.

Heavy Rewind – Riverside’s Out Of Myself

Death comes for us all; this is a lesson that 2016 seems intent on teaching us. The latest to fall victim to this brutal curriculum is Riverside‘s Piotr Grudziński, a truly gifted guitarist who had his own unique timbre and voice within one of the most important progressive metal/rock bands of the 2000’s. In his memory, and because Riverside is such an important band, we’ve decided to do something different: instead of writing a post focusing on the band’s career but, perhaps, missing out on the depth and power of their earlier releases, we’ll be releasing three Heavy Rewind posts, each one dedicated to one of those albums. We’ll work our way up chronologically, beginning with the first, Out of Myself and ending with the last, Rapid Eye Movement. While these posts won’t focus on the lyrics, there’s no denying the strong conceptual nature of these albums and so, perforce, we shall delay a bit on their concepts. On a more personal note, these albums were essential for me when growing up and when expanding my tastes beyond the original bands that had started me on music. Rest well, Piotr. Your voice will not be forgotten.

Can This Even Be Called Music? 苦しみ (Kurushimi)

The Southern hemisphere’s island-continent of Australia has lately been the unholiest of breeding grounds for music, and the label Art as Catharsis has been hand-picking the most beautifully hideous flowers for years to make an ever-growing bouquet of the most obscene kind. They deal with all sorts of music, mostly metal – post-metal, drone, shoegaze, black metal, you name it – and jazz, but always with an experimental twist to it, and often blending various styles and blurring the lines between the genres. Most recently, I’ve come to absolutely love it through bands like Instrumental (adj.), Dumbsaint, Serious Beak, We Lost the Sea and, today’s topic, Kurushimi.

Painted In Exile Launch Indiegogo For First Full-Length Album + Talk To A Sense Of Gravity At NAMM 2016

Long Island progressive metal band Painted In Exile have not exactly had an easy go of it since releasing their initial EP back in 2009. Beseeched with a myriad of personal issues and lineup changes, the band have been seemingly in a state of absolute stasis for the past 6 years and change. Though never broken up or officially on hiatus, they played no shows for nearly 5 years until their official “reunion” show last month. And now after what must have felt like an absolute eternity for the band and longtime fans, Painted In Exile have officially announced their first full-length album in the form of an Indiegogo campaign.

Hey! Listen To Great American Ghost!

Almost no better location exists for great metal and hardcore than New England. Massachusetts, in particular, boasts an extraordinary amount of talent, with bands like Converge, Killswitch Engage, Revocation and Elder having roots in the Bay State. There’s a reason that there’s a New England Hardcore and Metal Festival every…