Entropia – Ufonaut

Although it’s certainly not an easy task, or one without its own idiosyncratic difficulties and various hurdles, reviewing an album is typically a fairly straightforward task: listen to the album several times, collect thoughts, put pen to paper (or, more accurately, fingers to computer keys), and push out a decent-length…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Drewsif Stalin Collaborates With The Aurora Borealis Project

Our good friends Drewsif Stalin (of Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors fame) and Eric Hendricks of The Aurora Borealis Project are collaborating on a new album titled The World Is A Colder Place Now, and we’re bringing you the first track from this exciting union, titled “For All I Have Left” – check it out after the jump!

Post Valentine’s Day: The Depressing, Fitting Screamo Playlist For Singles

DISCLAIMER If you do not know what real, true screamo is, I highly recommend checking Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s very own Starter Kit on the subject before jumping into this article/”playlist”. It’ll help put things into perspective, helping to make your listening experience that much more enjoyable. Ah Valentines Day.…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Odious Are Back With “Arbiter Of Taste”!

We’re huge fans of Portlandian progressive death metal masters The Odious here at Heavy Blog. I reviewed their debut release 5 years ago with a 5/5 score, and their first full length was also given a 5/5 by fellow writer David. When they announced their disbanding, we were devastated, but recently they announced a reunion and we were ecstatic! Now, they’re releasing a new track titled “Arbiter of Taste”, and we’re proud to be bringing it to you.