Latitudes – Old Sunlight

Old Sunlight does not relent; track after track, it surprises you with its tenacity, its refusal to be charted and dissected into disparate parts and their corresponding emotions. Instead, it utilizes the beautiful emotional chaos it creates to swing when you’re flat-footed, to being when you’re still gathering your senses, to end when you’re still reaching for more, to push at the exact moment when you’re off-balance. It’s everything post metal should be: brave, varied, disconcerting, impactful and, most of all, emotionally illuminating and revealing. They say light is the best disinfectant and this is the kind of cleansing post metal needs.

Guest Post: A Sense of Gravity Wrap-Up Their NAMM Experience and Discuss Album #2

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of presenting videos over the past few days that were shot and made possible by one of the blog’s favorite up-and-coming prog metal bands, A Sense of Gravity. For our official NAMM video wrap-up though, we decided that it’d be nice to let the band speak in their own words about the experience and what’s coming up on the horizon for them. So here’s C.J. Jenkins (vocals) to tell you all about it!

A Gift to Artwork: The Ocean/Mono’s Transcendental

Thus even in conclusion we are still left with ambiguities. Some will feel that the soul fell through each of the three bardo, preparing for rebirth and another cycle of life. Others will feel that it achieved Enlightenment, that it was liberated from the cycle of life and death, and that it successfully reached nirvana. One thing that we can all agree on is that The Ocean, Mono and cover artist Florian Bertmer have come together to craft a truly exceptional work of art, one in which the music, lyrics and artwork are intricately woven together into a most beautiful tapestry. Transcendental was declared the best EP of 2015 by the staff of Heavy Blog, and hopefully now we all know why.