At just over 80 minutes, ATGCLVLSSCAP (which, by the way, is the first letter of each symbol in the Zodiac) is a masterfully-crafted sonic journey, and one that can’t be pigeonholed by any descriptors less than a paragraph long. This is a fearless set of twelve tracks; a hulking monolith of droning electronica, jam-heavy rock, thick sheets of ambience, and loads of unpredictability. And even though it was arranged in the studio through compiling various live performances from 2014, this feels like the band’s most seamless work since 2007’s Shadows of the Sun.

Magrudergrind – II

In 2015, in a crowded house show somewhere in the continental United States, a large group of punks adorned in DRI and Spazz patches shivered. They knew something was about to happen, something monumental, yet could not put their fingers on it. And so they sat, drinking shitty, luke warm beer from the can while casually shooting the shit about what Infest record gave the one true representation of their sound, as well as whether or not it was weird that the band was still playing some 30 years later. However, the looming feeling that something, something massive, was on the horizon loomed, and eventually they could no longer take it, pulling out their capitalist pig iPhones in unison so that they could check their Facebooks, aiming to discover exactly what was going on.

PHOTOS: TOOTHGRINDER, More Of Myself To Kill, Ollocs, Overcomer, Consonance—January 28th, 2016 @ Amityville Music Hall, Amityville, NY

Record release shows are always fun. Especially for a band rapidly on the rise for the last couple years. Opening up the show at Amityville Music Hall was one of Long Island’s best up-and-coming “prog revival” bands, Consonance. Having just released their debut EP Autonomia, they’ve been playing it in…

Heavy Rewind – Entropia

Some albums fracture: their own fame is somehow forgotten among listeners and even experts but their legacy can be found in countless acts that come after them. Whether it’s their approach to their specific genre, actual sounds and moments from the album or a method of production, the basis elements of what made up the album get recycled, reused, resurrected. This can create an interesting disparity between how important the album is and how much people know it or even still play it, so long after it came out. Entropia is one of those albums. Not only did it launch one of the longest careers in progressive metal, namely that of Pain of Salvation, it also broke numerous limits and forged a vision of what progressive metal could be, way back when in 1997.

Get Another 5 Hours Of Post-Rock For Free With Post-Engineering’s 2nd Compilation!

Man, time flies, doesn’t it? I honestly could have sworn it had only been maybe 3 months since I wrote up this post about the excellent blog post-engineering’s first ever Bandcamp compilation. That mammoth endeavor included over 4 hours of brilliant music covering a very wide variety of post-rock, post-metal, and other heavily post-influenced sounds. It introduced me to a ton of fantastic bands (one of which even wound up on my year-end list!). It’s in fact been half a year since that was released though, and now post-engineering is back with a brand new comp spanning a whopping 42 tracks over nearly five hours. And just like the last one, it’s 100% free!