Grieved – Grieved

Pissed off, moody hardcore is one of the more ubiquitous niches of heavy music. As a member of several Internet groups celebrating these types of acts (the good groups, not the ones filled with failed terminations shouting at each other about sneakers), it’s hard to come across one that stands out. Yes, Grieved do stand out above the rest and they do so because there is none of the typical alpha male posturing in their music. Their first release on Prosthetic is self titled and it’s obvious why; these are musicians who’ve decided what it is they want to say and have figured out exactly how to get that across as best they can. This is them at their most honest and vulnerable and what’s better than aggressive, riff heavy hardcore from the heart? Nothing.

Dissona – Paleopneumatic

Chicagoland locals Dissona, two albums deep, are on the verge of a breakthrough. Not musically, however, as they have already achieved the interesting songwriting and powerful construction. No, these boys just need to be heard and, with any luck, Paleopneumatic will propel them into the ears of progressive fans everywhere.…