Hypno5e – Shores of the Abstract Line

Shores of the Abstract Line is a complex, thick and often violent musical creation, straddling the lines between chugged breakdowns, technical leads and atmospheric post-metal. It’s a journey and an ordeal, one which opens itself to introspection and careful examination. Should you be willing to do so, you’d find one of the most convincing and moving albums of 2016 and, indeed, of the nascent new wave of post-metal.

The Anatomy Of: Aegaeon

Aegaeon’s brand of spacey, heavy deathcore hits hard in all the right places: their powerful combination of reverberating, washed-out leads and almost over-the-top chug-heavy rhythms carries a planet’s worth of weight behind it, and it’s certainly earned them quite the following. Tracks like “The Integral Path”, the band’s newest single,¬†show…

Bandcamp Changes The Game; Now Provides Exclusive, Site-Specific Embeds

Bandcamp has been growing rapidly: in 2015, fans gave artists $100 million in total (since Bandcamp was founded that is) and almost $3.5 million per month! Now, it looks like the service is taking its game to the next level by providing exclusive embeds. This means that artists can embed tracks that haven’t been released to the public yet, something which was unavailable until now.

Hey! Listen To Manhunt!

With first Rape Revenge gone, then Punch, and now Weekend Nachos, it seemed almost as if the era of grindviolence was coming to an end, as if something beautiful and majestic was being lost. After all, three of the sub-subgenres finest were gone and, even with Magrudergrind returning to unleash a new wave of audible hellfire later this year, a hole was created, one that seemingly could not be filled. That is until, of course, through carefully scrolling through the powerviolence tag on bandcamp, I stumbled upon Brisbane, Australia’s own Manhunt. Suddenly it seemed as if there could be hope in a world where there was none, as if “true” powerviolence fans once again had another band to complain about while secretly listening along on their iPods.