The Lion’s Daughter – Existence Is Horror

The mix-and-match quality of the album is driven by an expert’s need for the proper tools; the musicians don’t care which tool they pull from out of the box, but only that it’s abrasive, heavy and direct. That’s why Existence Is Horror simply works. It’s completely tuned towards finding you and making you hurt. In a strange way, in an industry sometimes dominated by obfuscation and pointless rhetoric, that’s exactly what makes it so refreshing and endearing.

Hexvessel – When We Are Death

It’s always interesting to see how instrument choices and production techniques can have such a strong effect on dating a band or album. Whether it’s the arena-sized, cannon-shot snare drums of the 1980s or the hyper-compressed, extended-range guitars of today, there are a host of characteristics within rock and metal…

13 – They’re Trying To Build A Podcast

Eden’s back! That’s good, because we have a lot of news to cover this week. David Bowie’s passing is obviously on our agenda, as is Stereogum’s analysis of Nielsen’s music report, Textures’s new single, Obscura’s new single, and the Behemoth/Myrkur U.S. tour. Then we go into the in depth discussions of the week, the first being my overall review of System of a Down’s career as a whole, since I discovered them last year, and the second being accents of singers who aren’t native English speakers and how that affects their music. Don’t forget the off topic section at the end as well!