Eight Bells – Landless

If only the harsher elements had been brought to bear more, most importantly in the title track but perhaps even earlier, this would have been an outstanding addition to a fast-growing sub-genre. As it is, it’s a good album but when which is tinged with frustration more than anything. It leaves the listener constantly on the cusp of catharsis but without the clear cut and impassioned climax for which we long.

Heavy Rewind – Sieges Even

Go listen to this album. It distills something about the spirit of what progressive metal/rock is that I can’t simply convey in words here. Sure, the drums are great and so is the bass. To be sure, the lyrics and the guitars are a big part of it. But when the parts are added up there’s some mysterious ingredient or element that resists parsing. It’s not exactly below the surface? Above the skyline? An aura of greatness or a shard of empathy? Whatever it is, it elevates The Art of Navigating By the Stars into one of the most personally important albums I have. Come share it with me.