Aborted – Termination Redux

“Now,” starts the new Aborted EP, Termination Redux, “it is time to go back to where we came from.” An odd choice for a release that only features one cover of an old song attached onto the end, and consists otherwise of a few new tracks from the deathgrind masters of our day. But the next line kicks it back into a familiar territory with the continuting chant: “Hell is nothing. Hell is only a word. Reality is much, much worse.”

Between The Buried And Me Announce Co-Headlining Tour With August Burns Red; Good Tiger And The Faceless Supporting

Between the Buried and Me is proud to announce a co-headlining tour with friends August Burns Red! After extensively touring for Coma Ecliptic [review] in 2015, the ride isn’t slowing down in 2016 as the North Carolina band will embark on a fourth North American leg in support of their…

Hey, Listen To Cetus!

Let’s face it, it’s 2016 now and, at this point, there is no reason at all to still be listening to metal/hardcore in a 4/4 time signature. It’s boring, is based in eighth notes (snooze-fest incoming, am I right?), and is significantly easier to transcribe due to lack of mixed meter. That is where Lansdale, Pennsylvania’s Cetus comes into play, local mathcore stalwarts who are determined to make you go through at least three pieces of staff paper working out the time signature for their sweet, math-y grooves.

Half-Life – Mayhem

Welcome to Half-Life, a feature that gives us the chance to celebrate a selection of work from a particular artist’s discography. These acts are still alive and kicking, continuing to provide us with more material to write about and more music to spend our time gushing over.  Norway has exported a…