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Longtime friends of the site Cyclamen have had a bumpy history but are showing no signs of slowing down. After a complete lineup re-haul following the 2012 album Memories/Voices (recorded and performed entirely by frontman Hayato Imanishi), the band released Ashura late last year. Now with the band once again operating with a full-lineup with touring capacity, Cyclamen have filmed a video for the track ‘百折不撓 (Hyakusetsu-Futou)’. Check it out below.


The track used in the video is slightly different from the album version. Instead, what you’re hearing is a re-recording that will appear on an upcoming EP titled Humanise. Hayato explains:

Everything was recorded using microphones and no simulation, line recording or pitch correction was used, with the very minimal editing. Most parts are recorded with one take.

In another words, these recordings are the truest to our live performance we’ve ever come to. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do – We’re very proud to have produced something as organic as this!

In case you haven’t heard it, Ashura may possibly be the band’s best work to date. It effectively delivers on the band’s early promise of combining ridiculously proggy mathcore with soaring hooks and post-rock influence. If you think you’d enjoy a more melodic Sikth, then by all means, give it a go:

– JR


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