So here I am, minding my own business, trying to find the Baroness interview that was recently on BBC Radio… When I notice the most recent post from the band is the picture above and simply says ‘God City’.

Now those of you that are familiar with Converge guitarist and producing legend Kurt Ballou, will know that ‘Godcity Studios’ is Ballou’s own studio, and I’m pretty sure that is Ballou himself in the background.

So this leads me to believe a few a things:

  1. Baroness are recording new material.
  2. Said material will be produced by the Midas touch of Ballou.
  3. Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!

I don’t know about you, but, to me, that sounds like an amazing combination. More details if and when we get it.


– DL

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