rush live

Remember Rush? The prog-kings who did everything your favourite prog-rock band does, but years ago? Yeah, you do.

They have a new live DVD out, comprising of footage from their recent Clockwork Angels tour, that apparently lasts a whopping 3 hours and features the classics and even some lesser known tracks amongst the new material. The first official look we’ve got into it is in the form of ‘Subdivisions‘ from 1982’s Signals,  see below:


You hear that? That’s the beautiful sound of a thousand virginity’s untouched well into their 30’s.

Regardless, it’s great to see these guys still effortlessly killing it and, if you look a little beyond the water-tight musicianship on display here, you’ll also be able to see why Rush’s back drops are the stuff of legends. I’m pretty sure I saw a popcorn machine in the back there.

– DL


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