eotw obfoscator dye

Obfuscation is the process of muddying the main intent of communication, making it more confusing than is necessary. And they say metal doesn’t teach you anything.

Either way, East Of The Wall‘s music has always been clear-cut and precise, but never exactly the smoothest to follow. Time signatures have a nervous habit of shifting under your feet without warning and rhythms fold under themselves before quickly shifting to the next one — it never seems to bother the band, however, who seem to effortlessly move through each passage without so much as flinching. And it’s all the more obvious when you see them tear through ‘Obfuscator Dye‘ in their new video:


The video comes courtesy of Metal Injection, and while it’s not the most adventurous in terms of visuals, it’s actually interesting to get a chance to just seem them performing the music (in as much as a band can do when they’re synced to a studio version). Regardless, it’s yet another solid reminder of why you should pick up their latest release Redaction Artifacts if you haven’t already.

– DL


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