I certainly didn’t roll out of bed this morning expecting to feel feelings this early in the day, but it’s 10:30 am at the time of this writing and I’m already emotionally wrecked.

At a recent Nine Inch Nails performance in Las Vegas, Trent Reznor further cemented himself as the best kind of people when he pulled out his phone on stage and began a FaceTime chat with fan and photojournalist Andrew Youssif, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given a poor outlook of just a few weeks left to live. Trent dedicated Year Zero‘s chilling closer ‘In This Twilight’ to Youssif, as the crowd began chanting his name. What a beautiful gesture!

Consequence of Sound explains:

As fate would have it, Reznor become aware of Youssef’s journey and his fandom. According to the OC Weekly, Reznor started following Youssef on Twitter in August, inviting him and his brother to NIN’s super-intimate show at the Troubadour. From there, the two had lunch every day together for a week as NIN rehearsed for September’s shows at the Sports Arena, talking Breaking Bad, the recovery and treatment process, and life in general. The two seemed to develop quite the bond, with Reznor making references to Youssef during several shows and interviews.

But more recently, finally facing a “dwindling energy supply,” Youssef heeded his doctor’s advice and cut his concert schedule down to two final NIN shows: November 8th in Los Angeles and November 16th in Las Vegas. He made it to the former show at the Staples Center but unfortunately found himself too ailing to make the latter.

Yet Andrew Youssef still got a front row seat to Saturday’s show at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. While he wasn’t backstage or in his beloved pit, Reznor FaceTime’d Youssef during the middle of the concert. Reznor held his phone up to the arena crowd–who cheered, “Andrew! Andrew!” in the background–before dedicating the song “In This Twilight” (fittingly the title of Youssef’s most devastating posts) to him.

As luck would have it, quality footage of this touching moment was captured by an audience member thanks to Nine Inch Nails’ open recording policy. You can view it below:


Now excuse me while I begin sobbing uncontrollably.

– JR


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