after the burial wolves within

A few people weren’t too happy with the first single from upcoming After the Burial record Wolves Within. ‘A Wolf Amongst Ravens‘ was bouncy and catchy, but was muddled with hollow production and what many felt was an overabundance of open note chugs. Of course, that’s just one song, hardly an indication of how the full record was to sound. Sure enough, a second new track titled ‘Of Fearful Men‘ painted an entirely different picture, showcasing more of a progressive influence that we haven’t really heard from the band since Rareform. Check it out:


The musicianship is a definite improvement this time around, complete with actual lead guitar work and wonderfully cheesy solos. Still, there are some production woes. Again though, the two songs might as well be from two different bands! It looks like Wolves Within is going to be fairly diverse, which is great. It’ll be out December 17th on Sumerian Records.

– JR

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