If the recent release of the new Exivious album, Liminal, wasn’t quite enough of a fusion/metal fix for you then Nufutic have got you covered. The group, helmed by ex-Obscura and Pestilence fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling and Tommy Talamanca of Sadist, announced their intentions to release new material in 2014 with a teaser video that shows Thesseling introducing the other members of the band, Romain Goulon of Necrophagist and what I presume is Talamanca’s bandmate Trevor Nadir. Check it out:


Big thanks have to go to commenter Unadventurer for pointing this project out, because the Facebook page has seemingly slipped under the radar with only 300 likes so far — go and do the right thing.

The music sounds like it lies somewhere in between the instrumental bliss of the aforementioned Exivious and, one of my favourite supergroups of all time, the now presumably defunct Planet X, but with some extremely gruff vocals overlaid on the music. It works for me.

– DL


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