Much like Persefone, whom we didn’t discuss nearly enough earlier in the year, Nami hail from the little known country of Andorra, a microstate between Spain and France. There must be something in the water over that way, as the both bands take progressive metal and spin their own little tweaks into it, making for a surprisingly solid showing from their little corner of the world. Recently, the band released a new video for a track, entitled ‘Ariadna‘, from The Eternal Light Of The Unconscious Mind , release earlier this year:


Beyond the admittedly impressive song-writing and the welcome inclusion of what I believe is a saxophone solo mid-way through, the video and track tell their their twist on the tale of Theseus And The Minotaur, revealing:

In our own vision, Ariadna is the main character of the story and she’s trapped in the labyrinth instead of Theseus. To reach the exit she has to follow the light, the sun… She already knew the way, but she need to rediscover it again to be free. The common thread of the myth is represented by the alchemical symbol of gold or the sun. Ariadna finds these signs all around the maze she has created. The maze itself is an analogy of all the barriers and challenges that life puts in front of us and we need to overcome.

Going to add The Eternal Light… to the ever-growing list of albums I need to check out before the year ends.

– DL


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