Honestly, I’ve never heard Destrage before now, so before you all tell me this is completely natural for them, I just want to enjoy the fact that this teaser completely blindsided me. There’s some real mind-bending guitar acrobatics going on in there amongst the psychedelic visuals — if Are You Kidding Me? No is half as batshit insane as this leads me to believe then 2014 is going to be off to a great start.


Coming across as something like Van Halen filtered through PsyOpus, Destrage are obviously not quite on the same mortal plane as you and me when they can conjure up riffs and insanity like that and follow them up with what sounds like one hell of an anthemic chorus.

Hold on to your orifices come the drop on March 4th through Metal Blade Records, I have a feeling this one may liquefy a few vital organs.

– DL

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