Bloodshot Dawn

Bloodshot Dawn are at the forefront of the British underground these days and if you’re not familiar with them by now, you should probably do something about that. Regardless, the band are on track to put together their second album and have begun to reveal their plans in a new teaser video:


The main draw here is obviously the music, which by all accounts sounds like the perfect follow up to the self-titled debut with equal parts melody and technicality, but the band have also revealed they may looking into putting together a Kickstarter campaign for the record. Seeing as the band are currently unsigned (which is either a criminal overlooking from record labels or a fairly interesting DIY strategy), I’d be more than up for contributing to a Kickstarter — it seems way more in line with the original premise behind crowd funding than what some other projects are doing. Either way, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to hear some concrete new tracks from the band.

– DL

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