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I’m late to the party with Locrian‘s Return To Annihilation. It was only earlier this week that I happened upon their droning metallic sounds through their Bandcamp page and it synced up perfectly with the release of a new video for ‘Two Moons‘, which you can view below:


Two Moons‘ shows off the more beautiful and serene side of Locrian, who many times before have delved into some dark crevices with their sound, and, naturally, the video follows suit. It’s not the most visually exciting video in the world, but in terms of a visual accompaniment that makes sense and enhances the experience? I’d say they were right on track with this.

If you like what you hear and you’re not afraid to have your metal slow-as-molasses, droning indefinitely and dripping with atmosphere then I’d definitely recommend Return To Annihilation. It gets quite dark in places alongside the more uplifting material you just heard, but it’s captivating from start to finish and has been steady in my listening habits since I found it.

– DL


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