Everybody’s favourite space monsters GWAR have expanded again from just their music and periodical readings of children’s books and now have their own cartoon. It’s every bit as mental and crass as you would expect.

Sitting somewhere between Metalocalypse and Ren & Stimpy, it’s a bloody and probably-not-exaggerated-in-any-way look into the adventures of GWAR, with this first episode concentrating on vocalist Oderus Urungus’ transition into ‘musician menopause’ and features appearances from GorGor and Weird Al Yankovic. It’s available to stream on Funny Or Die, so head over there.


I don’t have the most evolved humour ever — hell, I like The Big Bang Theory so that invalidates every single one of my opinions apparently — but I’d watch a full series of this stuff and by the sounds of the Facebook post that brought this to my attention, it’s not certain that this will be regular occurrence yet. So make sure to show your appreciation if you’re a humourless pleb like myself.


– DL


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