Australian metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen are responsible for helping the Australian music scene become heavy again, but in a whole new way. They redefined metalcore down under and helped to influence its current scene, which also boasts many great bands, including Parkway Drive.

After Jona Weinhofen’s departure from Bring Me The Horizon earlier this year, he revived his old band, who have since signed to Epitaph and are planning a new album for 2014!

From the press release:

Following his stint with Bring Me The Horizon, songwriter and guitarist Jona Weinhofen returns to his role in I Killed The Prom Queen and he states: 

“We are absolutely ecstatic to join the Epitaph Records family. Having worked with the label previously with Bring Me The Horizon, I knew exactly what Epitaph was capable of and that it would be the perfect home for I Killed The Prom Queen. Epitaph is already the home to so many of our heroes such as Converge, Refused, Pennywise and Every Time I Die, and has helped launch our good friends Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Day Of Contempt, letlive. and more. To say that we are a part of this family is truly an honour.”

The band has just finalized the recording process in Gothenburg, Sweden with Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, In Flames, Dimmu Brogir, Architects UK), with plans to release the new material in 2014. Jona Weinhofen continues: 

“We are dying to get this album out and into the hands of old and new I Killed The Prom Queen fans everywhere. To me this record feels as though I Killed The Prom Queen never took a break and is a natural progression of the band. You will hear hints of our side projects and new influences, but make no mistake, this is an I Killed The Prom Queen record through and through. Its fast, melodic, heavy, catchy and we have added a couple of new elements which really bring it up there with the level of music being created these days.”

Get on the excitebikes, everyone, because it’s going to kick ass! We’ll give more details as they come!




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