It’s not typical that we casually cover hip-hop here on Heavy Blog (though I’ve done it before), but I think we can make an exception for Death Grips. The experimental hip-hop group is as aggressive and off-putting as any metal out there, and the crossover potential for fans is great. Chances are, you’ve already heard of them and made up your mind long ago, but in case you haven’t been acquainted, get noided over some of the most vicious hip-hop around.

Here’s the opening track to the group’s newly released album, Government Plates.


The group released Government Plates last night for free to the surprise of pretty much everyone. Few groups are as enigmatic as Death Grips, and no one expected to just be handed an entire full-length album for free with no prior warning.

You can download Government Plates at this location. I actually got a chance to hear the album on time for once, and I’m digging it. It’s off-kilter, experimental, and pissed off. Perfect for the open minded metalhead.

– JR


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