mono dream odyssey

Earlier today, I called And So I Watch You From Afar the metalhead’s post-rock band, but on second thoughts, Japan’s Mono (not to be confused with UK pop group of the same name) have had portions of their career where they have vied for that position. Though more traditional in the execution of their take on post-rock, with dynamics that range from soaring peaks to introspective lows, the band have their heavy moments and even went so far as to release a split with Pelican back in 2005.

Dream Odyssey‘, taken from the recently released For My Parents LP, is the single of the album (read as: even at 8 minutes long, the shortest track) and as the name suggests is a dreamy and sublime soundscape that builds slowly through it’s run time. The video is sparse and subtle, much like the music, and so you may find yourself more listening than watching — but it’s worth it, as when the piece does reach the peak of the crescendo, it’s one of more beautiful pieces you’ll hear all year. Check it out:



[-via Noisey]

– DL

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