Death metal christmas

If the recent post on Polkadot Cadaver didn’t tip you off, Christmas is nearly here. And you know what that means? Christmas songs!

Enter J. J. Hrubovcak, bassist of Hate Eternal, and his brother Mike Hrubovcak of Monstrosity who have put together Death Metal Christmas – Hellish Renditions Of Christmas Classics which, as you probably gleaned from the titled, is full of death metal takes on Christmas songs. However, going beyond a simple covers album, there is also an underlying concept behind the record:

The lyrics have been altered to portray a possible future outcome to mankind’s current path and focus on Azrael, the angel of death in some Islam, Sikhism and Hebrew lore. The story follows a child (Azrael) born to a wealthy family heavily involved in politics throughout the generations. The child is not named Azrael but is infused with its spirit and is predestined by Abaddon (the Destroyer) to cleanse the earth of man though he does not know it yet. Azrael is never in the public eye nor is he ever elected to any position but is heavily involved in the family business of politics. He develops concepts for solutions to many of the world’s problems and seduces world leaders into designating him the de facto authority on most major issues. The world leaders implement his “solutions” over the years as he slowly awakens to his own lust for power. He is so adept at manipulating men that they crown him king either in the public eye or behind the scenes. Once this king has total authority, he betrays the world leaders who realize that they’ve been misled for years. After systematically eliminating opposition, he turns on the entire human race. At this point, Azrael is fully self-actualized and carries out acts of suffering and death throughout the world in a way never before witnessed by mankind.

So this isn’t just some opt-in covers project, there’s definitely been a lot of thought put into properly twisting these tracks to suit the story. You can listen to a full track from the album entitled ‘Unrest For Melancholy Men‘, which you’ll recognise as ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen‘, below:


It’s genuinely quite good, if it wasn’t for the extremely recognisable vocal phrasing/lyrics then I wouldn’t have known this was a Christmas song. When they said they were aiming for ‘a death metal album first, a Christmas album second’ they weren’t lying and Death Metal Christmas could be a good addition to any death metal fan’s repertoire.

– DL

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