Much like Sunbather earlier this year, the cover for Beaten To Death‘s Dødsfest! is striking, not due to ghastly horrors or a dystopian future that grindcore bands tend to love so much, but due to the colour scheme. Call it garish or whatever you like, the bottom line is it definitely had me wondering what exactly this band were all about and with the release of their new video for ‘Vinni Butterfly‘ you can see for yourself:


Put together through footage recorded from their recent trek through their home-country Norway, ‘Vinni Butterfly‘ is a short, sharp two minute rager that packs some pretty heavy passages into it’s short runtime — if the riff at 14 seconds in doesn’t set you off, then you may need to check your pulse. I haven’t had the chance to check out Dødsfest! in full yet, but much like their artwork, this has me wanting to find out more and the weird thing is that’s exactly how I used to find music when I was much younger (see supplementry note 1). Strange to go through the same process when music is so widely available and usually the first thing you come across.

Note 1:

if (artwork == good)

{do {listen = yes;}

while (music == good);}

else {music = avoid like it was a new Asking Alexandria single;}

[-via Invisible Oranges]

– DL


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