Note: this is speculation, I’m going to try and contact the band to verify this, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

I’ll never underestimate the lengths people will go to to trick someone else on the internet, but you may remember a while back I wrote up a short article on the unfortunate demise of Swedish tech-death outfit Anata, in which I assumed the band was done because a post of the Earache Facebook page. Well, someone with the username HD (presumably bassist Henrik Drake) left a message in the comments, stating:

Well, here is what really happened. We did not have our advance (half recording budget) from Earache to ever start the recording. We did so spending our own money. Then we asked them to have our advance as well as money to finalize the mix (vocals to be quickly added). There was no interest from Earache. We did not offer them an unmixed instrumental album.we still want to release this album.

I’ve flung e-mails off in a couple of directions, in the hope of getting some clarification, so I’ll let you know if anything does come up. In the mean time though, don’t give up hope…?


– DL

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