It looks like Sunn O))) and Ulver aren’t the only acts teaming up for a collaborative album! Solo progressive rock/metal acts Plini and Sithu Aye are teaming up for a split EP!

Plini took to Facebook to make the following announcement:

I hope you guys didn’t think I was finished releasing music for the year!

Story time: a fairly long while ago, my Scottish bro Sithu Aye and I started putting this thing together and along the way we got a bit of extra help from two lovely gentlemen named David Maxim Micic and Jakub Zytecki

It’ll be out digitally (for free) on November 28, along with a small number of CD copies.

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Exciting! This is sure to be stellar. If you aren’t familiar with these two talented musicians, you need to check out Plini and Sithu Aye on Bandcamp.

– JR


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