protest underbite

Protest the Hero‘s new crowdfunded effort Volition is excellent. It’ll probably wind up on more than a few year-end lists around here soon. It’s that good! We’ve been looking forward to a new music video for a while, as Protest the Hero’s videos are usually pretty much the best. Luckily, like the album as a whole, the first music video from this album cycle isn’t a disappointment either!

The group’s new video for the track ‘Underbite‘ should be praised for both being very interesting in its narrative and for actually mirroring the track’s lyrical meaning. Vocalist Rody Walker laments the phony mainstream “Rockstar” persona throughout the song, and the video explores these complaints through a narrative featuring some high quality papercraft finger puppets and cameos from the band themselves. We don’t see enough bands actually appearing in their own videos without a single performance shot, so it’s refreshing to see a video that actually has some direction or purpose outside of “hey, this thing looks cool.” Check it:


Volition is available now through Razor & Tie records.


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