North Carolina’s Weedeater are probably the perfect archetype for the stoned-out South. Everything about the band is so rooted in trailerpark drug deals that you’d think their image was completely manufactured. For instance, frontman Dixie Dave Collins famously sidelined himself after he shot himself in the foot while cleaning his favorite shotgun. The group also partook in a cough syrup tasting with Noisey. Raise that particular breed of southern charm on a soundtrack of extreme metal, and you’ve got one hell of a sludge band on your hands.

Since their formation in 1998, the group released four albums so far in their career, bouncing between a few labels. Their latest label for the band to call home is Season of Mist, who will release the group’s as of yet untitled record next year. On top of the new album, Season of Mist will also be re-releasing the band’s discography, starting with a worldwide digital release on December 10th. Physical formats (vinyl please!) will follow in 2014 as well.

There’s not much to tell right now, but Dixie Dave kept his statement short and sweet:

“When we heard we would be working with Season of Mist we almost wrecked our pants. Can’t wait for y’all to check out this shit.”

The release schedule for 2014 is already starting to form, and it’s looking pretty good! We’ll have more info as it happens.

– JR

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