caspian promo 2013

Despite the tragic and sudden loss of bassist Chris Friedrich recently, post-rock outfit Caspian have decided to press onwards and release a new EP entitled Hymn For The Greatest Generation. I’m sure it’s what Friedrich would have wanted, as a world without the lush and beautiful soundscapes weaved by the band would be a darker one for us all.

The EP features three brand new tracks as well as some bonus goodies, including demos and remixes of tracks from Waking Season, a full length release from last year. As you would expect, it’s music to get lost in, not to be pummeled by so it’s probably a different tone to much of the music posted today — but if you can find the time, then Caspian have a knack for creating some truly wonderful sounds, with the occasional heavy fuzz thrown in for good measure, of course. Stream it all, through Spin.

Hymn For The Greatest Generation will drop on the 11th of December through Triple Crown Records.


– DL

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