Now, I’m fully aware that Skinless have reunited and have been playing a handful of shows — we ran photos of their set at Delaware Deathfest! — but I must have missed the part of the reunion where they were planning a new album. I’m guilty of being asleep at the wheel sometimes, but you’d think I’d have known to expect a new Skinless album. It looks like it’ll be coming along fairly soon as well, as the band have just signed with Relapse Records.

Here are some pretty excited words from the band:

Vocalist Sherwood Webber commented on the re-signing:

RELAPSE RECORDS! I’m sure it’s rare for a band to speak so highly of their label after a 13 year relationship. It’s an honor to have such a team to work with, RELAPSE’s support and friendship is beyond appreciated. The RELAPSE experience is hard to explain, but you can notice immense camaraderie between all the bands on the roster. It’s been one of the great privileges I’ve had in the music business to be a part of the Relapse family. Thanks guys, tell the world it’s doomed!

Founding member / guitarist Noah Carpenter added:
We’re proud to be a part of the sadistic Relapse family once again. Skinless is far overdue for a new album so that will be our priority for the next year. Basically we’re going to put the Progression, Foreshadowing and Trample albums into a blender, add some guitar solos and serve up the heaviest Skinless release yet.
The band will begin writing their new album shortly, and will see release late 2014. That’s an eight year gap from where they left off with Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead, but hopefully they’ve still got it.
– JR

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